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Before I fell asleep at the keyboard and had quite the nap this morning (!) I’d been reading a post at Colleen’s blog at Freeing My Muse about text to speech proofing of your work. A couple days ago she’d sent me the info for some software called NaturalReader — Text to Speech. So I tried it. Got to admit it was kind of trippy to hear someone else reading my words. Had to play around with it for a few minutes before I found a reader I really liked. But I suggest you give it a shot, just to see what it feels like!

When I was done I got to thinking about writing styles and wondering if it would sound different with the writings from different people since it does seem to take punctuation into consideration. Friends have always told me I have a chatty writing style, like having a cup of tea at the kitchen table. I like that. (Coffee at Starbucks would work, too!) One of my friends sounds exotic at times like a fantasy realm fairy priestess ( πŸ˜‰ Fim). And another (you know who you are, tall, dark, and Groovy) sounds like a Southern guru sharing his wisdom as he walks through his vineyards.

So what does YOUR writing voice sound like? Have you ever paid attention to how you come across to someone else? Ever given your writing style a name? Put it in a particular category? I’m just off on a flight of fancy this morning, but I’d be really curious as to your thoughts.

Hope you’re all having a great Friday! TGIF!