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We have a lot of special services during the year at our church, but one of my most favorite is our Veteran’s Day service. It gives us a chance to recognize and thank those in our congregation who have or are serving in some branch of the military. We have quite a few active military personal in our congregation as we are just outside of Hill AFB. No matter what my personal views about war and the politics of war may be, there is no denying that this nation of ours is free because of their service to our country.


My dad (top) and Drollery’s dad.


My B-I-L Greg and his dad (sans pix)

The building is decorated with banners and pictures of past and present soldiers, and there’s a slide show that accompanies our choir’s tribute to these men and women. Surprisingly we have a LOT of women veterans in our congregation. We also have a goodly number of young people who’ve gone off in the last couple years to serve. Today was a difficult day for our choir director whose son Kirby left a month ago for basic training. She cried through the whole service.

What made me all teary today was that my brother-in-law Greg, who is battling the debilitating affects of his lung cancer treatments, insisted on being there because during the choir’s tribute song to the different branches of the service, you are asked to stand for your branch’s hymn. Greg was on a submarine in the Navy. My sister wheeled him down to the front of the sanctuary, and when the Navy hymn was played, somehow he managed to get to his feet. It was a very emotional moment for all of us who have been praying for and supporting Greg and Cindy.

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Choir singing the tribute medley with the slide show. Just happens to be my dad on the screen. 🙂

I looked all over YouTube to find the exact arrangement of the songs they did, but couldn’t see it anywhere. But here’s a similar one from The National Memorial Day Concert of 2010 in Washington D.C.

So if there’s someone in your family or friends in your life who’ve been a part of of the armed services, don’t forget to thank them and give them a big hug today. We owe our freedom to men and women like them. And if you should happen to run into service men or women in your daily travels sometime, be sure to thank them, too, and give their hand a shake! I guarantee you they will be floored and pleased.