We are a strange and restless bunch, constantly searching for something and not knowing what, not dissatisfied with our lives exactly, but not satisfied, either. I am glad to have so many traveling companions.

I found this quote by Thomas Moore (from Dark Nights of the Soul) on Mindfulbalance. It reminds me so much of a personal journey a dear friend of mine is on. I hope these words are an encouragement, though this pilgrim may have read them already…

* * * * * 

You may be so influenced by the modern demand to make progress at all costs that you may not appreciate the value in backsliding. Yet, to regress in a certain way is to return to origins, to step back from the battle line of existence, to remember the gods and spirits and elements of nature, including your own pristine nature, the person you were at the beginning. You return to the womb of imagination. You are always being born, always dying to the day to find the restorative waters of night.


The darkness is natural, one of the life processes.  It’s a time of waiting and trusting. You have to sit with these things and in due time let them be revealed for what they are.  In your dark night you may have a sensation you could call “oceanic” – being in the sea, at sea, or immersed in the waters of the womb.  The night sea journey takes you back to your primordial self, not the heroic self that burns out and falls to judgment, but to your original self, yourself as a sea of possibility, your greater and deeper being.

Thomas Moore, Dark Night of the Soul