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My gosh! When I suggested to Fim at Quantum Hermit to do a One-Hit Wonder version of The Monday Music Medicine Show, I didn’t realize how difficult it would be!!! It seemed on reflection that so many groups or solo artists drifted in and out of the public eye so quickly. What I realized as I was thinking back over the 60’s and researching was, the songs themselves were probably done by various artists after their initial debut. So did that fit the criteria?

In the end I settled on a song I loved from the 60’s. Instrumental no less, and by a surf band that faded fairly quickly. They went through several incarnations after their big break, but in the end it was The Ventures who “wiped them out” and became the defining instrumental band for the 60’s.

the surfaris 2The Surfaris

The Surfaris were an American surf rock band formed in Glendora, California in 1962. They are best known for two songs that hit the charts in the Los Angeles area, and nationally by May 1963: “Surfer Joe” and “Wipe Out”, which were the A-side and B-side of a 45 rpm single.