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So we have three Saturdays between now and Christmas. I wish I’d have thought of this two weeks ago, but what the heck. For these three Saturdays I will do my top three favorite Christmas movies. Seems appropriate!

Christmas Favorite #3

Scrooge (1970 film starring Albert Finney)

Scrooge is a 1970 musical film adaptation of Charles Dickens’ 1843 story, A Christmas Carol. It was filmed in London between January and May 1970 and directed by Ronald Neame, and starred Albert Finney in the title role. The film’s musical score was composed by Leslie Bricusse, and arranged and conducted by Ian Fraser. scrooge


With eleven musical arrangements interspersed throughout (all retaining a traditional British air about them), the award-winning motion picture is a faithful musical retelling of the original. The film received limited praise, but Albert Finney won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy in 1971. The film received four Academy Award nominations. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

I have this movie memorized! Can probably quote you any line from it. I often tease my son about one of the songs being his theme song this time of year — I Hate People! Even bought him a wooden door hanger for his door that says Bah Humbug! 😀 (It’s because he works retail and this is a vicious season with crabby customers.) But what song to choose from the movie? Oh dear…