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Welcome to Part Deux 2 in The Sandbox Writing Challenge. Today’s challenge is another set of “loosening up” exercises. They are very different from the first ones. I can only assume that Ms. Allen feels like at least some of the exercises in this part will have to do with the relationship between us and our parents. 😮 This part may make some of us a bit more squeamish. Guess we won’t know till we tackle some of the exercises. But if at any time you feel uncomfortable with a particular challenge, please feel free to ignore it. It’s really up to each of us how much energy we want to put into this challenge.

So there are four questions, Ms. Allen would like us to answer. She has suggested a list of seven words for each, but more or less is up to you.

What words would you use to describe your mother?

What words would you use to describe your father?

What words would your mother use to describe you?

What words would your father use to describe you?

Please do take the time to think of some descriptive words, not just expletives if that’s what comes to mind. Here’s a good chance to improve our vocabulary! 😀

As always, remember to include a link to this post on YOUR blog post. Or if your response isn’t overly long, feel free to leave it in the comment section below. If you would like to play with us and see the previous prompts, they’re listed in the menu at the top of the blog in The Sandbox Writing Challenge. But please feel free to just jump in wherever we are at the moment! After all the prompts are really for YOU to get to know YOURSELF. So roll up your sleeves and let’s jump in!

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