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I was just over at Making it write reading one of Jane Basil’s poems.  That girl has been on a roll lately! The one I read really echoes some of what I’ve been feeling the past several weeks.

Space to breathe

Is it wrong of me to turn the key
with a sigh of relief
the moment I’m alone?
I only want some space to breathe
from those who sow such greedy weeds,
where weeds should not be sown.

Is it wrong that though I need to sleep
I put off counting leaping sheep
the moment I’m alone?
for when I’m in the grip of dreams
the peace I feel does not seem real;
I wake and it has gone.

©Jane Paterson Basil

* * * * *

Now I don’t have much trouble with the sleep thing, but BOY could I use a little space for myself. In fact, the first part of Jane’s poem made me wonder what kind of space I’d like to have IF I could have some space for myself — a place that no one knew I had. What would be in it? Hm…

It would be a small office in an office building somewhere. A building with good security. I get a little nervous when I’m alone. One room, but with a private toity as I don’t relish ten trips down the hall a day. It would be a place for me to runaway to and just soak up the quiet. OR a place for me to seclude myself to write. It would need a window I could look out of for sure. Don’t want to get claustrophobic, and a window is good for day dreaming and inspiration.

But what would I furnish it with?

  • Obviously a nice cherrywood desk with matching chair and bookshelves. And tons of my favorite books from home.
  • My laptop would be on my desk as well as a printer.
  • sunflowersThere would HAVE to be an old pitcher full of fresh flowers every day.
  • The drawers would be filled with markers, stickers, colored pens, fine-point RSVP pens for my journal, and top-bound spiral notebooks — no fancy journals for me.
  • A dictionary, a rhyming dictionary, a thesaurus.
  • And you would notice the lack of any kind of office phone.
  • 80c4ac0982f1b77f2c7d824e868ef42aThere would also be a couch with a little coffee table in front of it and lamps on each side. NO overhead lighting, please. I want the ambiance of soft light.
  • P0000084979S1467T2On the coffee table would be an Old Country Roses tea service (my favorite china pattern from Royal Dalton), while on a wet bar on one wall would be a hot pot and an assortment of teas, coffees, chocolates, ciders, etc. And probably some nice cookies to nibble mindlessly on.
  • There would be NO TV!!! Though I would likely have a cd player for writing or meditating by.
  • The walls would be covered with ocean and forest prints.
  • The shelves would be decorated with shells and rocks, candles and other special knick-knacks among the books.
  • A nice rug on the floor would be dandy.
  • And a separate thermostat to keep the place as hot as I wanted it is a must. Though I’d likely have a couple fleece throws on the couch (which would NOT, btw, be leather!) and a few throw pillows.
  • And I nearly forgot! There would need to be a fireplace!!!

78e5e0b1b18b9e6f2d7dc7d4d6885330Color scheme? Some kind of green (sage, mint, etc.), sand, and white, maybe with a little blue and yellow accents thrown in here and there for contrast. All in all it would be very Coastal. But wait! You can’t have Coastal with a cherrywood desk and bookshelves. Hm… I might have to rethink the desk thingy.

The important thing about this space is that NO ONE would know where it was unless they were one of the few people who could be trusted to be quiet and give me space when I need it. THEN I might invite them over for tea. 😀 I like company now and then.

I actually have kind of described my little morning room I put in Bran’s old bedroom when he moved downstairs. But I seldom go in there because the house still feels crowded with people and lacking in privacy. But it’s a nice dream to think there might be a space like that somewhere for me one day. A place to go and actually spend time doing a second draft of Glencara’s Bane without the phone ringing or Bran wandering in to ask what’s for supper. I guess a girl can always dream.

Virginia Woolf wrote an essay called A Room Of One’s Own.  The title of the essay comes from Woolf’s conception that, “a woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction”. That’s probably not true, but I sure as heck would like to test the theory!

So my question for you, dear reader, is, if you could have a space of your own AWAY from your home and design it how you’d want it, what would it be like? Or would you even WANT that? If not, why not?

I’m just curious and snoopy. 😀 And if you happen to do a post designing your OWN inspiring room, please do leave me a pingback. I wanna see!


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