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So, did you figure out which thing didn’t belong? Not the things in the video! MY things!

I’ve been sitting here running on empty so fiddling around with my blog log for the past three or four hours. Blog log? Oh, my Swiss cheese memory needs all the help it can get when I’m trying to figure out if I’ve posted something already and when. The search box isn’t always that helpful as sometimes I only remember subject matter, not titles. So months ago I started keeping a blog log on a spread sheet so I know what I posted about and when.

Well, when we flew out to meet our new granddaughter in September, I got WAY behind on it. Today being kind of a low-energy day, I figured it was a good time to catch up! Thing of it is, I forgot that I need to detangle a synthetic costume wig and beard, and practice wrapping a toga.

This is THE beard and wig!

This is THE beard and wig!

Why? Because Bran is going to be portraying the nasty King Herod in the Sunday School Christmas program Sunday. How’d he get roped into that? Just so happens the director of the production is his bff’s mom! How could he POSSIBLY say no to her? (I’m still laughing about the look on his face when she told him what she wanted him to do! 😀 ) But instead of doing what I should be doing as the dress rehearsal is tomorrow night, here I sat all afternoon happily oblivious to it all.


I think I can do a better job with the toga. At least give him a little more coverage.

Now I’m pretty sure the toga won’t be a problem, although I also forgot to go buy a plain twin-sized bed sheet. 😮 . When our daughter Stef got married, she wore a sari instead of a wedding dress. We’ve had a lot of wrapping practice. How different can it be? But this tangled mess that’s supposed to pass as hair and a beard is a whole ‘nuther critter. Yes, it actually LOOKS like a critter! So if anyone who reads this happens to have played with Barbies and knows how to untangle hair, PLEASE let me know.  Hm… Forgot about sandals. I’m thinking army boots and camo socks up to the knees. How’s that sound? Might help with the coverage.

In the meantime Drollery and I have tickets to see The Bar J Wranglers at a benefit concert tonight. It’s our annual Christmas date. So I’m pretty sure I won’t give any of it a second thought till Brandon freaks out in the morning when his crown won’t stay on that rat’s nest of Barbie hair! 😦

Help??? Anyone???