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Beverly Rollwagen

Believe it or not, I have searched high and low and haven’t been able to find any kind of bio for Beverly Rollwagen. This little bit is from an ad for her book Flying: Prose / Poems.

The author sifts through childhood memories, her years as an airline stewardess, and experiences of later life, including loss and grief, in this second collection of poems and prose poems. Whatever the theme—relationships, childrearing, or skating in the park–we can be sure there will be a flash of insight before the end told in a voice that rings with humor and intelligence. As Natalie Goldberg writes, “The poems are at once funny, poignant, direct and full of unbearable truth…In this second book, Rollwagen continues to fulfill her promise as a totally original voice.” (http://www.nodinpress.com/poetry.htm)

But despite not being able to pin her down, I love the poem so am posting it anyway. She has several books of poetry out there with great reviews. I may have to buy one on the off chance I can find out something about her!!! (This poem reminds me very much of Jane Basil’s poetry over on Making it write. 😀 )

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Up and Down

I don’t know anything
for sure unless I look it up,
but sometimes I can figure
things out if I write them
down. So it’s up and down
all day long. It’s a good life.
Better than back and forth
or in and out which I find
constraining. I have up
and down in balance and
with my mother’s death
have discovered the true
meaning of before and after.

(Picture Credit: www.upupdowndown.net)