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BarJWranglers3Last night we went to see our favorite western music group in a benefit concert. These guys are just angels, in my opinion. During the Christmas season they do benefit concerts all over the Rocky Mountain area for charities. We’ve probably seen them at least a couple dozen times, both here at home and in Jackson Hole, Wyoming at the Bar J Chuckwagon at their ranch. The venue where it was held last night screwed our tickets up. As a result, we ended up second row center in the “dignitaries” section. 😀 😀 😀

ScottLast night it just so happened that Scott Humphrey did one of my favorite songs which he also wrote. It’s called Ponies. And while these guys closely monitor all their original material and I wasn’t able to find the lyrics for the whole song NOR the whole song on YouTube, the chorus goes like this:

And he says ponies,
now ponies don’t you worry.
I have not come 
to steal your fire away.
I want to fly with you
across the sunrise
discover what begins
each shining day.

As he was singing, I found myself thinking about the lovely Spiritual Dragonfly, her love of horses, and her soul strolls in the mornings. I couldn’t help but fancy this song was for her since having a wild mustang sanctuary somewhere out west is a dream of hers! 😀  So, Ms. Dragonfly, here’s just a snatch of it from a promo video for the ranch.

(I apologize that two of these videos will redirect you to YouTube…)

While we love all five of these guys, Donnie, Tim, Danny, Scott, and Bryan, Bryan is the show stealer. His son had just done a complete tour of duty in Iraq when they turned around and sent him for another to Afghanistan. He’s home now, and Bryan had written a song called The Prayer of a Soldier that had both me AND Drollery all misty eyed. It’s not on YouTube either, but here’s Bryan showing off his yodeling talent. Well, just showing off! LOL



And finally, one of the many Christmas songs they do. I know hardly anyone reads these posts, but I just love these guys so much I have to talk about them. If you’ve never been up to Jackson to their ranch, you owe it to yourself to go have dinner with them. These guys work seven nights a week from Memorial Day in May to the last weekend in September. Been doing that for 38 years. They’re so awesome. (Stingy with their videos, but awesome!)


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