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So this week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge wants to know, what is one of the worst emotional storms we’ve weathered in our life.

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Gosh, there are so many to choose from. We’ve lost all four parents and that was traumatic, but it was also the way life is. Perhaps for me most difficult times fall into that category. But there was one crisis for us that lasted a whole year and pretty much wore us out.

Lord Drollery had been up in the mountains hunting with his brothers in the fall (November ’76). I got a phone call from them saying he was in horrific pain in his side and they were bringing him down to the hospital. The first thing that went through my mind was cancer. It turned out, however, he had diverticulitis, a condition where bulging pouches in your lower intestines can become inflamed and infected and be very dangerous.

ogden-regional-mc-350x350And this was. His intestine had ruptured and the doctors had to go in and cut the intestine and insert a colostomy (with a bag) while they tried to drain all the infection. So they closed him up with the bag on and it was going to be a few months before they would proceed with the next surgery. Learning to care for that kind of wound was scary as hell. It had to be cleaned and irrigated regularly. But we learned how to do it.

Things were going well. In fact, after six years of trying to get pregnant, I did! When it was time for Drollery’s second surgery where the doctors would remove the dead parts of his bowels, I was four months pregnant. We waited in the waiting room while the surgery was going on. Usually the doc always just stepped out to the desk when he was finished to tell the family how it went. That’s what they had done before. But this time we were asked to go into this little room behind the desk where we waited and waited and waited for over an hour.

By the time my dad finally went looking for someone to ask what was going on, I was sure Drollery was dead. As it turned out, they’d just forgotten we were there! But days later I started having a lot of pain and I lost the baby. We were devastated. And to this day I blame that snafu at the hospital for the loss of that child.

pr-8Two months later Drollery went back into surgery to have the colostomy removed and his bowels reattached. At the same time, against the doc’s advice that I not try to get pregnant for awhile, I said what the heck and it was full speed ahead. The surgery went well as did the healing process, and the day before Christmas I made a fast visit to my doctor’s on a hunch. and Lo! and Behold! (no pun intended) I WAS pregnant with Bran.

So that year turned out to be one of the most difficult ones in our life, but also the most joyous with no cancer and a baby on the way!


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