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Well I think I have interpreted this week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge a bit differently than other people.

If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?

From what I’ve read so far, most people seem to be thinking about bits like character traits, habits, past events, etc. For myself I’ve been thinking of something actually physical that I could throw away. And while I know that doesn’t mean I would want to cut off my right foot and chuck it out the door, there is still something physical/internal that I’d like to rid myself of.

And that would be…

Drum roll please…


Yep, you heard me right. If there was one part of me that I could strip away and toss in the garbage it would be the inflammation in my body that causes so bloomin’ many difficulties for me. Diabetes, arthritis, some back pain, fatigue, muscle stiffness that causes horrible spasms… I could go on and on.

top-5-inflammatory-foodsThere ARE some things I could do to help with these symptoms, like stay away from THESE  things! ➡
And eat more of these.
th-antiinflammatory1It would likely take an act of God to make me disciplined enough to eat the way I know I should!

But the fact is, even then I can’t fix it. I couldn’t help thinking, however, how wonderful it would be if I could get rid of it as I could probably then get rid of 90% of my physical whining and griping! And Lordy! Wouldn’t my family love that!

(Was that too simple of a response??? 😕 )

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donut — positivemed.com
food — trainheroic.com