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She laid her book aside, pushed the laptop on the typing table away and strode toward the bathroom. With all the Christmas decoration put away, and especially with her 6-foot tall palm tree having finally been laid to rest at last, the room seemed so bare. But it wasn’t just the sparseness of the room that left her feeling this way. Something was different within her now. Where as before she had entered the blogging world she’d been tethered tightly to these familiar surroundings, now they felt foreign to her, odd, as if she were no longer totally a part of this existence.

She had no clue how it had happened. At first blogging just seemed fun, challenging. But with each passing day she had spent at the keyboard the more absorbed she had become in that world of aithḗr. So immersed in it was she, that from time to time she found it difficult to pull herself away and return to her human existence, blocking out totally that which was going on around her in the here and now. She could be riding in the car with her family and the urge to enter the other world would overwhelm her. She’d pull her cell phone from her purse and rush through the portal. At home there were multiple portals. The laptop, the Chromebook, her tablet, cell phone, and even the PC downstairs. All of them allowed her to pass through the veil and into the the Aithḗrian myst.

AithḗrOne of the first things she’d noticed when she finally realized she was no longer JUST home at her laptop was how words hung around her in the air. Not just single words, but documents, stories, quotes,
poems… And music that she could hear as well as see! They hung in the Aithḗrian myst like magic incantations. Then she realized they were all around her when she was NOT in the Aithḗrworld as well. And though she couldn’t see them, she had the annoying habit of bumping into them. Like as not, when she got up in the morning the first words she bumped into set the tone for her mood for the day.


Just exercising my imagination… 😀

Picture Credit: asclepiosalus.wordpress.com