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As I said to Ms. Fimnora, I couldn’t think of a bloomin’ thing to write for The Sandbox Writing Challenge about that first prompt. The only thing I could think of was the first time I went to the movies by myself, but I told Drollery later. It was Lord of the Rings, so he TOTALLY got it. He didn’t want to see it 43 more times anyway!

So I went ahead and added a second prompt from further on in the book. Maybe it’s not quite as threatening, either, as the first one. There IS one thing that people don’t generally know about me and that I try to hide as best I can because I don’t want to seem like a coward or a wuss! AND because I feel it puts me at a disadvantage if people know. So what is it, you say…

I tend to get extremely frightened by authority figures! So much so that if a doctor would put me in a room with chairs around the walls and leave me standing there saying “stay here, I’ll be right back,” I’d STILL be standing there when they came back. I would NOT have taken a seat and sat down no matter how long they were gone.

article-2579983-1C40975C00000578-609_636x476Why am I like that? I have absolutely NO idea. Being pulled over by a police officer scares the tar out of me. I babble like an idiot, hand them my driver’s license and registration before I even know what they want! (That picture is EXACTLY how I fee!)

When Drollery and I refinanced our house, sitting there waiting for the loan officer to say yay or nay was enough to bring on major pvc’s! Even talking to our pastor at church can be horribly intimidating to me. How can MY experiences or thoughts be as correct as his?

joeCoolIt may seem like something that shouldn’t be that much of a bother, but I’m that way with normal, everyday situations. If I say something to someone and they go quiet all of a sudden, OML! The anxiety can be excruciating. But I don’t let people see that. Generally I try to appear as nonchalant as I can because I don’t want folks knowing I’m feeling out of control.

Does anyone else struggle with that? I’m curious.


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