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So! In a normal year I will easily trip my way through 40-50 books. I’ve always been an avid reader. But I’ve noticed something AWFUL happening since I’ve been blogging. My ATTENTION SPAN IS GETTING SHORTER AND SHORTER!

It has now decreased to roughly that of a 4-year-old, five to ten minutes! I looked it up. And I can vouch for those numbers because I have three grandsons between 2 and 5 and when we visit, we read a LOT. But it’s usually bits and pieces of books for that very reason.

I’ve got six different books started. They all looked good when I bought them. Oh! Seven, as I’ve got one started on my tablet (which I’ve decided is NOT the right way for me to read!).

The Soul of a Pilgrim: Eight Practices for the Journey Within | Christine Valters Paintner
The Shards of Heaven | Michael Livingston
Mystic | Jason Denzel
The Little Paris Bookshop | Nina George
The Death Cure | James Dashner
Stretch Marks | Joan Anderson
The Doomsday Key | James Rollins

Now that in itself isn’t unusual for me. I normally have one laying in each room in the house. What I read depends on where I light. And in the past when I’ve gotten hung up in a book I’ve always played the game “I Can Read That Book In 15 Days” (a la “Name That Tune”) by setting up a reading schedule to get me through it.

I’m not quite sure why I’m having this problem. It COULD be because I’ve spent the last three or four years totally captivated by Holocaust and WWII histories. Maybe 50 years after practically flunking history in junior high history has become my thing?

But I’m almost ready to blame it on blogging. Everything in the blogging world is done in bite-sized pieces, too, whether you’re doing a post, reading someone else’s post, commenting, answering comments, etc., doesn’t matter. And THIS whole post is just my long-winded way of asking if any of YOU have noticed the same thing since you’ve been blogging, or do I need to look for another culprit?

(Did this post go over seven minutes??? 😮 )


So what say ye, matey? How long is YOUR attention span? Argh…

"No, Chester! It's SEVEN! SEVEN, I tell ya!"

“No, Chester! It’s SEVEN! SEVEN, I tell ya!”



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