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I have never been a luxury item person. In fact, sometimes I think Drollery would have been better off with a mate who had a lot more ambition in that direction! It’s always been people not products that were important to me.

Yet here we find ourselves at a time in our life when I wish I had some extra luxury-item money lying around. Our life has been strange on one front. We both graduated from a two-year college and it was always Drollery’s dream to get his BA. So shortly before we adopted Stef he decided to go back to school. We’d been married 17 years then.

How long could it possibly take? A LONG TIME! Since he was working full-time, he could only take a couple classes a semester. Few of his credits were transferable, and he made the mistake of not applying for his Associate’s degree as soon as he was able. Consequently WSU kept changing the requirements for his degree and he had to keep playing catch up. Not only was it wearing him out, but it was costing us a small fortune!

And he was doing all that while being a great dad, coaching little league for both kids, being on the council at church, and a dozen other things. In the end it had taken him 18 years to get that BA — which, much to our horror, proved useless because by then you needed a Masters degree to be on the “cutting edge” of accounting. (rolls eyes…)

But during that time we, of necessity, had to let some minor repairs go around the house which have now turned into major ones. So any luxury money we’d come into would NOT be spent on luxury items. Unless, of course, you consider a new roof a luxury item.

I made peace with NOT keeping up with the Jones, the Singletons, the Blakelys, the Ramoses, or my SISTER a long time ago. I’m far more concerned about what goes on inside these walls than whether they’re brand-spankin’ new with all the fancy accoutrements.

So if you don’t mind handing over some “luxury money” to be used to remodel the kitchen, where do I get in line???

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