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Sir Percival and I are continuing our journey through the little book Daily Calm published by Hallmark. He and I spent a fair amount of time over tea this morning discussing the quote for today by Louis L’Amour…

There will come a time when
you believe everything is finished.
That will be the beginning.

That’s a thought I’ve been trying to hold on to this past year as I’ve blogged about things going on in my life. I’ve spent a lot of time pondering the idea that everything that exists changes, that even as some of my past life is struggling to become unshackled and be set free, new life is waiting patiently to begin. The fact is, change is constant; and I, for one, don’t handle change well.

I guess that’s because all change is uncomfortable. Even the good change we’ve been hoping for. Bad OR good it disrupts our normal routine and initiates us into the unexpected AND unexperienced. Really, the only choice we have in the matter is how we respond to it. Does it feel like the end?

newbeginningsPersonally I’m having a hard time at this age in my life grasping the idea that in any transition an ending is also a beginning. That’s why Louis’ quote this morning captured my attention. I need to make that my mantra.

The trouble is all endings — even when I KNOW they are making way for me to move on in my life — are accompanied by feelings. Big endings or little endings, it doesn’t matter. For me there is always a sense of grief I need to work through. I just need to hold on to the fact that the best way to handle these transitions, these emotions, is to go through them, express them, not try and circumnavigate what are natural inclinations for me. They are all part of the same life — mine. That’s why I put those words of wisdom by Jane Hirschfield at the top of my blog on January 1st.

Everything changes,
everything is connected,
pay attention.

Percival CropSo today’s quote brought me full circle to where I started 2015. I’m going to try to look forward now, and not fear so much letting go of the past. I realized this past September that some things I’ve hoped for for years will never come to pass, and it’s time I turned that grief into a new beginning…

Percy and I will see you later. 🙂


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