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I just couldn’t roll into bed tonight without adding my 2¢ worth to Fimnora’s Monday Music Medicine Show over at Quantum Hermit. Today Fim says:

So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, if it pleases you to play, share with us: songs which you have  carried with you from your youth? What songs of your yesteryear remain part of the soundtrack of your life? You know I want to hear it!

I can’t NOT post this. My dad was stationed at Pearl Harbor for a time during the war and he fell in love with the islands. He learned so many songs from there, and when he came home and started his band back up, this is one of the songs he brought with him. No matter where we were, every time he pulled out his guitar all of us kids would want to hear this song before he sang anything else. And though this recording is a fairly sedate version, dad would add a twist. Each time he’d sing it through he’d speed it up just a little till he was barely breathing between the words. 😀 And while he was playing his guitar and singing, he would dance in an exaggerated Hawaiian style that had us in stitches.

The song is the Hawaiian War Chant. It was an American popular song whose original melody and lyrics were written sometime in the 1860’s by Prince Leleiohoku. The original title of the song was Kaua I Ka Huahua`i or “We Two in the Spray.” This first video is an OLD recording of it! It’s from a 78 rpm record. The music is awesome, the song starts at about 1:00. But if you’d rather hear the version that was popular in the states after the war, the second video is from The Lawrence Welk Show and adds in the American “swing” verse.