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290d2a835021e2a80050ab76d41d7b70I am doing a new, different kind of journal at the moment that has my mind going 90 mph. One of the ‘treasures’ I felt God had given me right up front was ‘Just Breathe’ and I ordered a cup Friday with those words on it for my morning tea. Was tickled to find Simple Living Over 50 had posted on this today. Wanted to hold on to it for future reminders!

Simple Living Over 50

290d2a835021e2a80050ab76d41d7b70Sometimes all you need to do is breathe. There are times where are minds become so jumbles with through of things we need to do, things we want to do and the after thought of how can I get it all done.

Life can get overwhelming when we allow our minds to try to figure out just how we are to get a list of needs met. It has always been the notebook that stays with me always that I rely upon to simply write things down and always a comfort when I see things on a piece of paper. I quickly realize that it is not as bad as my crazy mind believes it to be. I prioritize, get started and simply leave those things that are not as important for the next day.

The most important thing is that I remember to simply breathe. Just three slow breaths…

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