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This Sandbox Writing Challenge prompt turned out to be a very good thing for me. The challenge wanted to know what, if anything, we felt we had left undone in our life. I came up with three things as soon as I put pen to paper.

living-trust-documentsThere was a document for our family’s cabin trust that had incorrect names on it from when we set it up a year ago. We called and asked them to fix it, but my sister and I never went up to the lawyer’s to sign the new document and get copies to take to the county. (She’s been very preoccupied taking care of her husband who has cancer.)

imagesOur bedroom window got broken top to bottom in the high winds from the spring last year. We had it boarded up for a long time then took the board off as I got tired of not being able to see out. But one good wind would have done it it.

article-2214940-1568F0A0000005DC-566_634x820When we moved to Utah from Ohio when I was 12, my folks’ best friends moved here as well. Over the years they became like Aunt and Uncle to us. My folks have been gone for 18 years now, and their friends are both in their 90’s and unwell. We try to see them a couple times a year, but I was convicted yesterday that we really need to be better about visiting with them. And I hadn’t yet called to thank Betty for the peanut brittle she made and sent to us for Christmas. (Betty was with me when I found my mom after she passed away. They were very close to my folks. We all even shared a house at one point. AND they have a cabin on the same lot as ours.) The last time we saw them was this past fall at a dinner for their 70th wedding anniversary.

So! Today between 10 and 11 a.m. I have a repairman coming to replace the bedroom window! AND my sister and I have an appointment tomorrow to go to the lawyers and sign that paper so we can get it filed with the country.

As to our friends, I’m going to have to make it a priority to keep in touch with them at least by phone. And It’s coming up on the date of my dad’s death, so when we take flowers to the cemetery (which is by their house) we’ll make it a point to stop and see them. In the meantime I will call Betty today and thank her for the gift, and call Paul on his birthday on the 30th and wish him happy birthday.  I’ve decided I just need to add “appointments” to get in touch with them to my calendar. They so love seeing us and remembering old times.

So all in all that turned out to be a very productive prompt for me. What a surprise!!! Now maybe I need one that asks, “What do you have sitting around that needs to be thrown out?!” 😀


The Sandbox Writing Challenge 24 — Undone?

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