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gandhi-quote-signatureGandhi’s quote struck me hard this morning, and this post itself is so wise. Excellent thoughts for the beginning of the day!

Simple Living Over 50

gandhi-quote-signatureThere are times where I really have the need to check my thoughts. There are always outside influences that have power over my thoughts but I have to remember that there are things that I can control in my life and things that I have little control over. Those things that I cannot control I must learn to step away from and draw my attention back to the things that I do have control over.

The bottom line is that it only one thing that I have complete control over and that is me. Am I fully engulfed in living a life that is based on the true inner beliefs that I hold so dear? What are those things that are so important to me and why do I get fixated on the things that mean very little?

I can care for my own health and manage my finances. I…

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