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So the challenge wants to know,

What do you wish others would
take with them after meeting with you?

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation with someone when another person comes up and interrupts you and it leaves you feeling like your time and your words and feelings aren’t important to that person. THEY need to get on with their life and you’re in their way? When that happens, do you end up feeling like an interruption (unless the person you’re speaking to knows how to handle the situation and says to the person something like, “I’ll be with you in just a minute. Let me finish talking to Calen.” That helps A LOT.)

I put off answering this because my thoughts seemed so simplistic. I would hope that people know I take them seriously, that I hear and am trying to understand what they’re saying and what their concerns are. I would hope they’d feel I was present with them as we talked and that I wasn’t being judgmental. Ultimately I would hope they felt at least a little uplifted by their time talking with me. (And Lord knows I have PLENTY of room for improvement!)

Well today at church Pastor Gary’s sermon was about love, and there was a poem read that spoke volumes to me about this very thing. I have felt like this poem so often. And the one thing I know is I don’t ever want to send anyone away from a conversation with me that has left them feeling like the first part of this poem. I want very much to let them know I don’t want them to hurry away, that I want them to stick around and tell me how it is with them… If I ask you, “How are you?” I want you to know darn well that I really want to know.









By Ruth Senter

Sometimes I feel like an interruption,
and then I want to shrink
back into my shell
and never come out again.
I want to walk away and say,
“I’m sorry I took your time.”

Being an interruption hurts.
It tells me
something is more important than I am.
It tells me
to hurry up and move along.
It tells me
you are looking but don’t see me.
It tells me
you are listening but don’t hear me.
And so I move along.

But, God says,
“Don’t hurry away.
Stick around.
Tell me how it is with you.
Tell me what you’re feeling right this minute.
Tell me why you feel that way.
I want to know you.
You count with me.
I care about you.
Tell me what I can do for you.”

And I go away feeling
He was glad I called.

{Taken from the devotional book “Time With God.” Copyright © by Word Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.}


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