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I don’t often share a lot of family pix on here. I worry about exposing the grandkids’ adorable faces out there. But I have one today I just HAVE to share. This is our daughter Stefanie and our granddaughter Lydia Rose (or Lyddie or Dia or whatever else the three boys are calling her now, lol). Lydia Rose is seven months old and she was on her way to church to be christened.



And one more… This picture was taken at the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake where my brother-in-law is getting his chemo. It was outside the window of one of the waiting rooms. This hospital is built on the side of the mountain above Salt Lake, and the deer often come down in the winter to try and find something to eat. I suspect this one was soaking up the heat from the building? Must have felt funny to the humans inside having an animal watch THEM in a confined space. Shoe on the other foot and all that. 😀



I am so bloomin’ glad Spring is almost here. The first day of spring 2016 is March 20, and as of this very second there’s exactly 37 Days : 4 Hours : 21 Minutes : 39 Seconds left until start of it.(time: 04:22 GMT). Yay!!!

It occurred to me this morning that I haven’t heard Drollery complain even once about having to scrape the windows on the car in the mornings. He hates that with a passion. Especially when he’s running late for work. Then it dawned on me why. We had to buy a “gently used car” a year ago and didn’t realize until there was a recall on the key ring fob that this car had an automatic starter on it. (rolls eyes…) The salesman forgot to mention THAT little detail! Let me tell you what! We’ll never have another car that DOESN’T have one of those handy do-dads on it!

And as to Bran, he hasn’t complained hardly either because we bought him a couple of these balaclavas. He loves them. His semi-bald pate is staying a lot warmer these days! I was a bit afraid someone might think he was a terrorist, but so far so good! 😉

Even so, I can NOT wait for the sign in our neighbor Clark’s yard to say “1 Day Till Spring!” He changes it every day. 😀

Now you really DID want to know all that, didn’t you? (This is me putting off sorting the laundry… 😦 )

Hope you’re all doing something more fun than that!