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This challenge was a real epiphany for me. I have to thank Fim (Quantum Hermit) and Linda (Spiritual Dragonfly) for their posts as they really got me thinking about things.

It’s sad but true that when I look at these prompts the things I see are usually negative. But after reading these terrific posts this week, a light went on in the back of my mind. Fim was talking about unpacking boxes, Linda about holding on to dreams. So I come to this post with some new perspectives bouncing around in my head.

Things I’ve been holding on to:

Clinton mini storage(Neutral category…) We have virtually NO storage space in our house. It’s a bi-level, 1840 square feet. So for more than 20 years we have rented an off-site storage shed to stand in for an attic. At $60 a month, our house could have been paid off by now! We have everything over there from soup to nuts. Including furniture which SHOULD be here in our spare room, but right now that room is filled with our son’s life. (One of those sheds is full of our “stuff!”)

The truth is, we need to go through that shed and get rid of 99.9% of what’s there. I’m sure there will be some things we won’t know what to do with as we don’t want to give away or sell whole rooms worth of furniture, but we HAVE to make a start. In fact, I called his lordship this morning and told him the free dumpsters are ready at the city offices for spring cleaning. They bring ’em out, they come back and get ’em, and, best of all, they’re big and free! My HOPE is we’re not too late to get one and that we can bring stuff over from our shed and fill one of those suckers up a time or two. Even if we don’t get it all done right now, at least we could make a start. So that’s ONE thing I’ve/we’ve been holding on to.

UKPhysicalMap(Positive category…) I have been in love with Scotland since I was in junior high school. I went to Highland Jr. High and Ben Lomond High. Both schools were steeped in Scottish tradition. The first musical I was ever in was Brigadoon, which takes place in Scotland. Of course, being a rabid Beatles fan, England has always held a certain fascination for me. Then somewhere along the way over the last 20 years I began to feel really drawn to Celtic spirituality, and next thing I knew I was yearning to see Ireland. (Wales and I don’t have a thing going on yet except that researchers now feel the king who was the actual basis for the legend of King Arthur — who I’m totally enamored with — originally resided in Wales.) So visiting the British Isles has been the ONLY thing on my bucket list for years now. (Playing the piano was the other one, but if you’ve read my blog for awhile you KNOW how that panned out! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

gallery-1444338501-eiffel-tower-at-nightFor years I’ve talked about this dream trip. Drollery is retiring the end of 2017, and so is Amy (my partner in crime). Drollery, Amy, Mark, and I have talked about taking a trip over there to celebrate their retirements. So imagine my surprise when Drollery came home three nights ago and said he had booked a cruise around the British Isles! I am STILL kind of in shock. And as an added bonus, we get a day in Paris! Yay!

The point is, had I responded to this challenge without reading Linda’s and Fim’s posts, I probably would have traipsed into my Soul Cave and dug up another rock that’s been holding me down. It was a real surprise to me that I can choose NOT to look at these challenges always in a negative light.

So there you have two things I’ve been holding on to and a change in perspective. What a great challenge this was for me!

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The Sandbox Writing Challenge 27 โ€” Canโ€™t Let Go

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