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608345That is a marvelous post all around and rings so true to me. Thank you, Karen, for putting into words what I never could have.

A Thousand Finds

These two words follow each other on the UU Lent list.  Yesterday’s was curiosity, today’s was fear. Never one to meet daily challenges in a straightforward manner, for me it was never a question of whether I would end up combining two or more day’s words into one post, but when.

Curiosity, on first glance, and especially in today’s parlance, is a good word. As a scientist in training, I learned that curiosity about the natural world is something to be prized. As a science teacher I am told that children have “natural” curiosity. My role is to nurture this quality in my students, rather than killing it–something that formal education in general and teachers in particular are apparently in danger of doing if they aren’t careful. As my daughter and I tour college campuses, the veneration of curiosity, exploration, and discovery are on display at every turn. I don’t think that at this…

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