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We ran into a very DIFFERENT kind of paper today, one you wouldn’t want to attempt to cut with scissors nor throw at rock at! 😮

I was sitting in my little library gabbing on the phone with Fimnora Westcaw (from Quantum Hermit) and noticed something odd on the ceiling above me, right where the ceiling meets the wall. It was sort of bubbly. Looked like there might be a leak in the roof. I thought, oh crap! That’s all we need right now.

When Lord Drollery came home that night I dragged him in there to have a gander. He reached up to give it a feel and steadied himself with his other hand on the ceiling AND his finger went right through the ceiling! There was no drywall there, only a thin coating of latex paint!

This wasn’t the first time we’d seen something like this. My folks had had it happen in mom’s sewing room. Not knowing what he was dealing with, dad got a broom handle and gave it a big poke only to have the bottom of a honeybee’s nest drop through the ceiling. What WE had, however, wasn’t shaped anything like a honeybee’s nest.

Fast forward four or so weeks later (today), and Drollery carefully put a piece of tape over the hole then proceeded to pry the siding from the end of the house. THIS is what we found!

20160221_154702 20160221_154728 20160221_155707_Burst01

nest crop

Sure as heck grossed me out! Looked like an alien had crawled up under the eaves and died! After a bit of research this afternoon we identified it as a paper wasp nest. The good thing is the exterminator Drollery called said they leave their nests in the winter, and as long as the queen hasn’t come back, they SHOULD all be gone. (What I want to know is WHERE do they GO in the winter??? 😦 )

So off his lord mayor went to Lowes for a couple spray cans of insecticide. The exterminator told him to saturate the nest and let it sit over night, then do it a second time. If he hasn’t seeing any of them by then, it’s probably safe to scrape it out. PROBABLY? Of course we don’t know how far back this sucker goes. At least six inches gauging from the ceiling. Let’s just hope the bloomin’ thing soaked up the poison all the way back.

We don’t know how much damage there’s been to the wallboard. I had to do some research to make sure the wasps eat that stuff. Indeed they do! Had they been active, according to what I read, those little suckers would have come swarming out of the hole Drollery made in the ceiling in search of the heat source. Thank God we found it when we did. And thank FIMNORA! If we weren’t so gabby and I have to get up and move often to keep the kinks out, I might not have seen it till the queen ascended her throne again!

I’ve already lined up a friend who does drywall for a living to give us a hand patching whatever needs patched. I get the willies sitting in there now. But hopefully by next weekend we’ll have it squared away.

The exterminator said they get upwards of 200+ calls for this a year, so if you ever see a bulge in your ceiling, don’t assume the roof leaks! Call the exterminator! (Which I wish Drollery had done… I am SO a worst case scenario person! He wouldn’t MEAN to fall of the ladder. But then neither did Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation!)