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I sort of fell INTO J’s poem this morning. It’s honesty was so refreshing at the same time as it was “in your face.” Wonderful work, J.

Behind The Eyes

Today I wanted, I needed
not to want
To feel without thinking
I wanted to see creations of love
one that acts
or reacts first for the sole benefit of me
Asking all questions later-much later
I needed for you to relinquish
any questions at all. Today I needed you to be
everything I
knew you to be, and only for a brief moment.
to be held in baring arms enduring comfort
today I needed to be pampered
not just physically but mentally
I needed our third-eye recognition to whisper softly – I got you
A sense of strength that I could muster and borrow when I’m empty
today I didn’t want to ask for you to neglect your priorities
I needed you to, I needed your focus
to be on me – I needed you
to see what I needed and be it
Now today is lost with breadths…

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