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So, these one-word writing prompts for Lent are kickin’ my butt! And now The Daily Post (presumably because they got tired of everyone griping about the same prompts being repeated over and over) have gone to one-word prompts as well! 😦 I haven’t been paying them much mind, but the word for today interested me because I found out something about myself recently that surprised me. The word for the day is CONTRAST.

Now after all the whining and moaning I’ve been doing the last year or so about being stuck in the past/future syndrome and not being able to live in the moment, I realized during a “budget planning meeting” the other day I have a very GOOD grasp of the moment when it comes to organizing and paying bills!

What led to this little discovery is that Lord Drollery is fixin’ to retire from full-time work in December 2017. In an effort to not get caught with our bloomers down when the day dawns upon us, we sat down together and set up a schedule to see just how long it would take us to divest ourselves of our debt. I realized fairly quickly that his lordship is great at seeing long-term issues, but he has a blind spot when it comes to the here and now. He had arranged the “pay-off dates” all willy-nilly without taking into consideration interest rates, high and low balances, whether this is an account we would naturally continue to use from time to time, etc.

Within just a few minutes of looking at his pre-planning, I had rearranged those figures in a completely different order that will allow us to get them paid off much more quickly. In only an hour we had a good working budget that now just needs to be tweaked a bit as soon as his Social Security checks start coming in this month. I was stoked! It actually looks — at least on paper — like we might be able to pull it off.

It wasn’t until I saw Cheri Lucas’ word this morning that it dawned on me I truly was working in the moment as I sat there with that budget in front of me. I wasn’t worrying about WHY we had been unwise at times or about tightly controlling the budget so we wouldn’t continue to spend beyond our means in the future, it was all about what can we do right now to fix things. To say I was surprised this morning would be an understatement. And I admit it puzzles me how I can flip from past and future to the here and now just like that!

But obviously this is a behavior I need to continue to explore! 😀 Thank you, Cheri, for that little epiphany!


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