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I bet I’ve read Fimnora’s assignment for the Monday Music Medicine Show a half dozen times this week. She says:

“What serendipity has showed up from last week, and surfaced in this week? And what song would you choose to celebrate the continuing magic?”

I was just not connecting to anything. I hadn’t heard any music the week before that had captured my attention. So! I started all over again and began to pay attention to what I was hearing THIS week. Nothing! It’s as if music has just faded away for me. Till tonight. And then on a commercial I heard it.



I fell in love with the movie first, and then the theme song. The movie is The Bodyguard with Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. And as an interesting side light to this, there is now a Musical Theater version of The Bodyguard comprised of all Whitney Houston songs. It stars Heather Headley as Rachel Marron and Lloyd Owen as her “protector.”

The song? “I Will Always Love You.” It was interesting the way it grabbed me. It speaks to me deep inside somewhere, like I’m always leaving… Every time I hear it every nerve in my body perks up. What an amazing voice she had.