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So this week in the Sandbox Writing Challenge Roberta Allen wants to know:

If you were to tell this boy what you value most in life,
what would you say?  

(Just imagine that little fella’s pix here…)

1384495694000-111713yes-no-maybeI must be getting better at these because I didn’t even have to think about this one! I would definitely advise this young man to learn to stop and consider before he assents to anything because he should always have a choice. He should learn to think through the ramifications of YES (especially) down the road, and if whatever the query is happens to NOT be a good fit for his life, then he must learn to say NO.

Far too often I end up saying YES to something I don’t want to do because I either want to PLEASE someone or because I’ll feel GUILTY if I don’t do it. When that happens, you can bet your sweet bippy I didn’t stop to think about what I really want for me. (And chances are later I’ll be whiny about it!) I’m not speaking here of helping others when there’s a genuine need. I’m talking about more “stuff” to do to clutter my life up with. Especially things that shouldn’t be MY responsibility to begin with.

If there’s one thing I DID learn in 2015 it was that it’s okay to say NO when it fits the criteria of the asking. Or like Plato (the younger) says in The Most Powerful Word:

Yes brings the life, and the way I should go
But remains a trap until I have learned the word No

So I would advise this young boy to learn to make good choices from the get go in his life. It will save him some HUGE headaches later on!!!


Picture Credit: www.usatoday.com