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unnamedSpeaking of playing.. S.Thomas Summers coaxed the inner child in me out to play with his new poem this morning! Loved this! Do stop by and see what other treasures he has hidden on his site!

The Happy Nerd

I love maps, especially old maps, maps that represent a world full of magic and monsters.

Old Maps

I’d like to man a small boat,
adrift on a placid sea
that gently rises and falls,

the chest of a sleeping god,
as leviathan rises
from the black fathoms,

the cold, black heart,
a coiled snake uncoiling,
like the monsters sketched

on old maps, its scales
the shades of iridescence,
its head as familar as an angry dog’s,

tooth and snarl, and glimpse my face
in the wet mirror of its eyes,
smell its breath, brine and bile,

and discover, as it streams toward me,
that fear is more a flower
than a beast, bright and delicate,

that life and death
are nothing more than petals
on the same bloom.

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