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I wasn’t able to hop on Fimnora’s Monday Music Medicine Show bandwagon until last night for the simple reason I hadn’t heard any music this week! She said:

So my beautiful Monday Music Medicine Show friends, if it pleases you to play, share with us: The last song you listened to, today, yesterday, when ever you heard a song last. It can be from the radio, a playlist, or the theme song from a TV show. 

NCIS-New-OrleansBut then Sir Drollery turned on NCIS: New Orleans and started wailing their theme song along with the credits and I KNEW that was what I had to post. And when I say wailing, I MEAN wailing as in MOANING. The poor man can’t carry a tune in a brand-new bucket! 😀

So here you go, Fim. My contribution for the week. And just to make it interesting, I’m also posting the actual song — which I had NO idea existed till I went looking for the theme music just now! 😮 Enjoy!

ncis-new-orleans-nabs-scott-bakula-for-lead-role(I just LOVE Scott Bakula, btw. I get all excited when he tells his team on the show: Go! Learn things! That’s my kind of man! 😀 Now I KNOW he was a Starship captain and I’m a HUGE sci-fi fan, but my favorite S.B. movie is actually about football, Necessary Roughness.)


And the real deal…


Picture Credits: 
NCIS: New Orleans — thewatchfullepisodes.com
Scott Bakula — www.tvrage.com