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Lent Photo-A-Day (February 10 – March 27, 2016)

Day 44 — Remember

This word IMMEDIATELY brought a picture to mind!


Had I not been too lazy to go downstairs and rifle through the pix on the PC, I could have found an actual picture of our group of homies that looked just like this! Every summer for years our seven families would gather (with all the kiddos) at our family cabin in the Uintahs. After we’d put the kids to bed the adults would all sit around a huge fire and relax. Our typical blood-brother routine (we eschewed the rite of cutting our thumbs and placing them together with the next person! 😀 ) was to share big bottles of wine we’d pass around. You’d take a swig, hand it to the next person, and on and on (actually we figured the alcohol would kill any germs. 😉 ). We went through a lot of wine over the years. As silly as it might sound, there was just something about sharing those bottles of wine that bonded the fourteen of us.

Buckeye Haven

Buckeye Haven, our cabin in the Uintahs.

Inevitably, as we sat there and talked, we’d end up sharing stories about things we’d done together or as families. Stories. Remembering. There was almost something sacred about the whole thing. Being together at the end of the day in that beautiful setting, closing the outside world off, it was as close to heaven as I think I could ever get here.

When I think of those times I’m often reminded of how Jesus’ disciples would have gathered together out and about in the countryside as they traveled, Jesus preaching his message of love. No matter what your religious preference or lack of it, when it comes to the person of Jesus there is plenty of written evidence that the man lived. Josepheus, a Roman historian even references him. So I have no doubt this little band of twelve followers was real and that they grew very close during their three years together.

Then came the Passover meal where Jesus passed around a common cup of wine for them to dip their bread in, all the while explaining that one of them would betray him. I would have thought it would have driven them apart, but it didn’t. Their bond with each other was strong. (Except for the one who left to do the deed.) And after Jesus was arrested and crucified where do we find them? Gathered together again in that upper room, no doubt sharing wine and expressing their horror and grief, but also sharing stories and remembering their life with this man.

So why do we as friends remember and share stories around our camp fire? Why did the disciples? I’m guessing we remember so we can live them again and so they’ll never be forgotten… I figure it’s in our DNA to hold on to what is precious to us.

We’re told that when we remember,
the same parts of our brain light up
as when we experienced the event
we’re remembering.
Your brain lives through it again.
Phil Klay


Picture Credit:

fire — www.infostormer.com
cabin — moi