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moon dancingI LOVE the moon! If there’s such a thing as past lives, I’m pretty sure at some point I did a stint as a moon worshiper! (Goddess) I paid particular attention this month to how the phases of the moon affect me emotionally. I know they do physically. (Water retention comes to mind!) But I had begun to wonder if they had anything to do with my roller coaster emotions. I’m WAY past using PMS as an excuse for my ups and downs! At any rate, I realized this month that it really does mess with my moods! Now I know when to tell Drollery to be extra nice to me!!! LOL (What in the world have they done to our smilies??? Mine are all weird!)

This is not an illustrious poem, but I wanted something for my journal to mark the occasion of my research!


lunar cycles

full moon, I am strong!
waning moon, power ebbs, drains
new moon, helpless, lost
new moon, lifeless, still
waxing moon, hope emerges
full moon, life again!

moon holding



Picture Credits:
moon worshiper — www.mysacredcycle.com
dragonfly and moon — www.chinaqualitycrafts.com
holding the moon — plus.google.com

(Just to reassure you, it has been disproven that more people are admitted to psychiatric facilities during a full moon — though it does seem to have some affect on how well people recover from certain surgeries! Go figure… See 4 Strange Ways the Moon Might Affect Our Bodies)