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royalcaribbean_hawaii1I was totally bummed out! I’d finally gotten brave enough to agree to a REAL girls’ trip. Four of us were planning to take a cruise from Boston around Nova Scotia and into Quebec City, Canada. We figured we could do it on the cheap if we shared a cabin. Then the bottom fell out when one of us was not able to go. I was feeling pretty blue.

A few days later his lordship, Sir Drollery, had to fly down to Fort Worth, Texas for a financial conference. It always bothered me when he had to go away on business trips. The timing sucked on top of my disappointment about the cruise. But as we were saying goodbye he looked at me and asked, “How badly do you want to go on this cruise?” 

Baffled by his question I told him I was heart broken we weren’t going, that I’d been looking forward to the adventure as much as to being with the girls.  I was somewhat bewildered by the direction this goodbye had taken. “What if I went with you guys instead of Amy?” he asked. Suddenly I was totally bemused. “Are you serious?” He was. And just like that we were taking a cruise in six months.

I was so excited I nearly missed my exit on the interstate coming home ’cause I was on my cell with the girls telling them the trip was back on. It didn’t occur to me till later that night to wonder why in the world Drollery would choose to have that conversation just as he was leaving. He could have brought it up anytime in the last few days, but he’d never mentioned wanting to go.

fear-of-flyingThen it hit me. And when I confronted him about it when he got home, he grinned sheepishly and didn’t deny it. You see neither Drollery nor I are good flyers. We both get extremely anxious and bothered when we fly. It finally dawned on me he was hedging his bets on how much I’d love him if his bloomin’ plane crashed! He wanted to make sure our last moments together were “memorable”, for lack of a better word. He wanted me to know he loved me enough to go on a cruise with three women — all three of whom he’d dated in college! 😀

Well, it was too late for him to renege when he got home. He was caught! And that is how he ended up taking a cruise with a gaggle of girls! (It was actually pretty hilarious at times when folks would find out we were from Utah and he was traveling with three women. Sister-wives anyone? 😉 )



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