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I just can’t help myself… I found another gem on S.Thomas Summers’ site. I swear this dog lives in our neighborhood! Just had me giggling by the end of the poem. 😀 Please do stop by his blog and take a look. If you love poetry, I PROMISE you’ll have a great time.

that big dog, bellows a deep mourning
like an old, fat blues singer,
a single complaint, a lost love.
One night, his baby left
and she aint been home again.

Writing With Some Ink and a Hammer

Here’s today prompt.

“[…], write a distance poem. As a runner, I automatically think of running when I think distance. But hey, there’s long distance relationships. Or why not get beyond geographic distance and consider distance in terms of time or emotional distance. Or some other interpretation.”


There’s a Dog

I assume it’s a large dog
with eyes like coal chunks
and jowels that hang
from his jaw,
old, drab curtains,
funneling globs of salavia
from his mouth
where they dangle
like slivers of melted silver
before he shakes his head
and they snap here and there
dousing, perhaps, a row of tulips,
yellow and green,
or slapping a plastic garden gnome
as it reclines, resting on its elbow
in a thick grass.

I’ve never seen the dog,
but I’ve heard him
over the hedges,
over the neighboorhood fences.
On quiet nights,
as the sun spreads itself thin
above the…

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