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(Calen stands up in the last seat of the last row, looks around shyly at the group, raises her hand, and in a quiet voice says:) I’m a whiner…

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know that on occasion I whine about all kinds of crap, most of which is just that, crap. One of the things I whine the MOST about is my on-going identity crisis. I don’t feel I ever got the chance to figure out who I was before I got married. That’s how I ended up blogging and digging around in the caves of my heart and soul, to piece together who the heck I really am. But there’s no end to the things I might whine about. Money, kids, faith struggles, how to survive hubby’s impending retirement! (I think I’ve driven poor Bridget over at The happy Quitter! quite nuts! Miss you girl. Hope you’re enjoying your self-imposed sabbatical!)

Now while I’m willing to admit that I struggle with my share of ups and downs due to all kinds of life situations and circumstances (and an unusually low level of vitamin D — and yes, I’m taking supplements), I can say in all honesty I am NOT an 96b515c5b0unhappy person. In fact I’m quite spoiled. (And I prefer it that way!)

I have a hubby (Sir Drollery) who loves me and puts up with my spelunking habit and occasional hissy fits, two great kids, Bran and Stef, one amazing son-in-law Jesse, and four beautiful grandkiddos, Ethan, Liam, Caleb, and Lydia Rose.

It’s mostly been financial crap that has hit the fan for us over the years, but through it all, even when I thought things would never be right again and I WAS horribly unhappy, I was still CONTENT because I knew in my heart that our family was intact and even if we had nothing else, we had each other. You see CONTENT doesn’t depend on being happy. That’s an important lesson I’ve learned on this crazy, emotional roller coaster ride called life. And I’m really exaggerating about the whining. (Well, maybe just this much <—>!)

Over the stairwell inside our front door is a cross stitch I did years ago to remind me that being CONTENT isn’t about being happy. Being CONTENT is far more important than that. It’s about realizing just how blessed I am in my life every single day. Happiness can come and go, but being CONTENT makes all the unhappy times bearable, too.


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