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Miss TwitchThis week’s prompt from The Sandbox Writing Challenge is, “If you were superstitious, and this black cat crossed your path, what would you be afraid might happen?” 


This is NOT the cat that modeled for the picture on the post, but they could pass for twins! This is our Librarian Cat, Miss Twitchington. Twitch for short. She’s very protective of our books! She’s named after one of our favorite dance couples of all time on So You Think You Can Dance, Stephen “T’witch” Boss and Kherington Payne. Thus, Twitchington (which our vet thinks is hilarious).

Twitch is a domestic short-hair, a house cat. She allows us to stay with her as her wait staff. We know that’s what we are because when we call her to come to us she gives us this look that says, “Wait a minute!”

crop20160406_092958But we also have a black, long-hair domestic who lives outside in a big Coleman cooler with a pet door in the side of it. He’s the security guard and is a bit maladjusted, but he loves us! (It’s ok. We don’t allow him to keep weapons in his cooler.) His name is Buddy.

So you see, I have NO FEAR whatsoever of black cats. You’re more likely to find me pondering whether there’s such a thing as a witch’s familiar and if either of these guys could be one! (rolls eyes… Of course I’m joking, though Twitch CAN turn her head totally upside down like an owl! Sort of like Linda Blair in The Exorcist, but without the pea soup. It’s REALLY freaky!)

BUT, if I WERE superstitious, I wouldn’t fear anything in particular, I’d just always be waiting for that other shoe to drop. (It’s a learned behavior…) At one point the company Sir Drollery had worked for for fifteen or so years decided to take out Chapter 13 bankruptcy (reorganizational) and they cut everyone’s salary by a third. That was hard. We had no sooner FINALLY dug ourselves out of the hole that left us in and started working toward our adoption of Stef when the company decided to hire a CPA to do Drollery’s job. They let Drollery train him with the promise that his employment was NOT in jeopardy, THEN they let Drollery go! Adoption pending, here we were living on $800 a month.

In the end they came back to his lordship and said, “Hey! This guy can’t DO your job. Will you come back?” It was eight months later and there were NO prospects on the horizon because at the time Drollery didn’t have his degree. So he went back — for less than half what he was making when they let him go. It took us FOREVER to climb our way out of THAT mess.

Finally, ten years later, the company (now an international restaurant chain) was sold to a consortium in Puerto Rico. They wanted us to move there. And while we might have appreciated the opportunity had there not been kids involved, we respectfully decline. And Drollery (even with a degree now but of an age that was fast approaching you’re-too-damn-old-to-hire) ended up taking yet ANOTHER job with a deep cut in wages. It feels like we’ve been playing catch-up most of our life. (And all that time he was paying to put himself through college…)

So now we’ve been kind of conditioned to live in that waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop mode. Case in point? When the business was sold we got a check in the mail from Drollery’s boss for $50,000 with a note saying it was a GIFT for all the hard work over the years. Drollery had worked for him for nearly 40 years (minus the eight-month lay off). We paid off some bills and paid for two weddings.

THEN come January that next year, we got ANOTHER note from the boss saying, Whoops! Sorry. The accountant doesn’t want me to considered that money a GIFT after all. You have to pay taxes on it because I’m sending you a form 1099. And out of the blue we had to come up with $19,000. Yep. That’s how much we had to pay in taxes on that damn check.

images (1)So now you know why if a black cat crossed my path I’d be looking for some sort of financial upheaval again! But all things considered, nothing bad has happened since we’ve had these two black kitties, so maybe for us they’re really good luck charms!!!


Surprise-smiley-face(Oh my word!!! Words? I wrote a novelette!) 


Picture Credits:
Twitch — moi
Twitch and Kherington — www.daleisphere.com
Buddy — moi
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smiley face — zuq.dromgfl.top