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If you’ve noticed my little count-down widget in the sidebar, then you’ve probably already surmised that we’re going on a cruise around the British Isles next year. Going to the UK is the ONLY thing left on my bucket list. (I had a REALLY short list!)

I’ve been wanting to go to England since the birth of the Beatles, Scotland since going to Ben Lomond High School where I was in the stage production of Brigadoon, Wales since I fell in love with Arthurian legends, and Ireland since — well, forever! Literally. (I think I have a VERY old soul!)


Dunluce Castle, Antrim, Ireland

Now you’d think I’d be feeling all kinds of “Emotions”, wouldn’t you?


So why in the world is it when I think about going I just feel Exhausted???

We’ve been on three cruises. One to Alaska and two around Nova Scotia into Canada. I’ve gotten really good at packing over the years. Drollery and I love going to the formal dinners, dressing up and pretending to be someone we’re not. (Adults like to play, too. 😀 ) So there’s usually lots of clothes. But the thing is, all three of those trips were 7 days. THIS one is 12, and I’m already stressing over how in the world to get all the clothes in the same number of suitcases!

Then there’s the flight from the states to London (and back). Have I mentioned I’m NOT a good flyer. Thank God for Xanax! And what about Customs coming home? (I’m guessing everyone will get t-shirts since they fold flat.) I could go on and on. The plain fact is I’m a worry wart and a real disaster thinker. And I still have 17 months to worry about it. No wonder I feel exhausted thinking about it!

crop9e54b7630d4dbc251b1433b8bb2d907dBut by golly I’m getting out of my comfort zone and doing this, even if it kills me!

(Oh! Poor choice of words!)





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