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I had so much fun reading the comments on the picture I snagged from Donna at Homade Naturally yesterday and posted late last night, that I thought we ought to explore that issue a little bit more!

So what WOULD you do if you were two again? Or four? Or six? Can you remember back that far? I know exactly what I’d do!

dad and me cropThere was never a time my dad did NOT have his own band. At this time they played at a tavern in Ohio called Welcome Inn on Friday and Saturday nights. On weekdays when they’d get together to practice when the bar was closed, I often got to go with my dad. Those times were magical for me. He would sit me at the bar with a clear glass filled with crystal clear ice (which I thought was SO fancy) and Coke and hand me a bunch of swizzle sticks to play with. All different colors, blue striped, green striped, and red striped. And I’d sit on the high bar stool and swing my legs in time to the music, totally caught up in the moment.

Dad in the middle in the front. Chet on the far left back.

Dad in the middle in the front. Chet on the far left back.

But the BEST times were when the drummer, our friend Chet Whit, would let me sit on his lap and hold his drum sticks. He’d curl his meaty hands around my small fists and we’d play those suckers while the band would belt out something like The Beer Barrel Polka or Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. (WWII songs were their specialty.)

I will never forget those times. Welcome Inn is one of those safe, happy places I can always go to in my mind when I just want to be me.

And what would YOU do to live over at least one day of your young life???