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keyOur Spiritual Dragonfly’s poem made me all teary this morning. I feel as if I’m standing at my door thinking the same thing. It was just beautiful… Thank you, Linda, for being so very candid. ❤

Spiritual Dragonfly

Here we are….Week #35 of the Sandbox Writing Challenge. I Cannot believe we’ve been digging that long!!!! Have to say it’s been an interesting excavation so far, one that has proven to be very therapeutic and eye-opening!!  This week, we’re being instructed to answer the following………..

what is behind this door that you want? you hold the key. whats stopping you?

In my hand I hold the key

To open up that door….

Behind it, 

There’s suppose to be,

The answers I’ve been looking for.

I’ve asked these questions

So many times,

I can’t even count.

But now that the time is near,

I’m beginning to have my doubts.

What if, 

Those answers, aren’t what

I need or want to hear?

What if,

They’re not the ones 

I was Looking for,

All these many years?

Key’s in the lock

I give it a turn

And I hear the click………….

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