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anthology-mag-blog-thedig-fireflies-1This is the second time today I’ve had the wind knocked out of me by a response to The Sandbox Challenge. I needed to reblog these to come back and find them again and again. Shannon, you blew me away with your post! I am afraid of the infinite possibilities within me… Such an astute observation.

Survival Skills

What is behind this door that you want?


Imagine having the key.

What is stopping you from opening the door?

This week’s sandbox writing challenge asks us to picture a door and imagine what is behind it that we want. Also, to think on what may stop us from opening that door.

I always seem to go off on another path with these challenges than I think the intention is but I will trust that I should be following my instincts rather than the rational mind, as my artist son tells me constantly, when we are viewing art. “Mom, it doesn’t matter WHY you like it, you just DO; it is speaking to you for a reason. That is the beauty of art.”

The sight of this door reminded me of William Blake’s quote on the Doors of Perception from The Marriage of Heaven & Hell and how profoundly that…

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