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Primula auricula Dilly dillyOpher’s poem touched my heart this morning. When we first moved here we were in the middle of fields and pastures. Now it’s all housing developments, and I really miss the raccoons that used to steal the cat food out back… The poem starts just beyond Opher’s commentary. I hope you’ll stop by his blog and read it.

Opher's World

Primula auricula Dilly dilly

By the carpark

I was sitting on the bus going back to pick up my car. It gave me a higher view over the hedgerows into the fields beyond. I could see all the new builds.

As we approached the town there was more and more. New estates were springing up. The trees, streams and ponds were disappearing along with the remaining patches of wasteland. Even the word wasteland betrays the attitude. If it is not being built on or used for agriculture it is wasted.

So where do the voles, mice, hedgehogs, newts, frogs and toads go? Is there space foe the lizards, slowworms and snakes? Are we sanitising the countryside of insects?

I looked out over the fields and all the birds I see are pigeons, crows, magpies and sea-gulls – the scavengers. They are having a fine old time.

But how far can we continue pushing nature…

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