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IMG_2034Oh how I hear that one… It’s that lack of connection when you’re looking right at someone that can leave you feeling hopeless, as in a marriage. That’s also why you can be so lonely in a room full of people you know and like. No connection. Very poignant and important. Well said, MFM…

Amanuensis Sobriquet-Reverie


Bunny lonely

What makes you feel lonely?


What makes me feel
lonely is the
realization that
someone I love is
not listening, so
why bother talking
anymore I have a

toddler to cuddle,
children to talk to,
friends to commiserate
with cats to confuse me
and strangers to meet
who will feign interest
if only for a brief time.

All the usual things don’t
apply as loneliness for me.
Walking alone, gardening alone,
reading alone, dancing alone,
laughing alone- I am a
solitary creature like a cat
but speaking alone creates
an ache so severe.

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