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It was a gorgeous spring day. I’d gotten off work early to see my daughter’s volleyball game at the high school. Buzzing along the interstate, I was nearly at the exit I needed when I came round a bend and right over the top of the highway were these big, fluffy, stormy-looking clouds. Suddenly I was engulfed in a spring snow shower. Me and the guy in the car in front of me!

winter-fender-benderHe was probably four or five car lengths ahead when I saw his brake lights go on. I hit my own, pumping them to try to slow down, but there was no way I could miss him. I slammed into his rear end shoving him onto the shoulder and spinning myself 180°. When I finally came to a stop I gave the car enough gas to move and turned myself around, pulling off behind the other car where it sat on the side of the road.

I got out and walked through the flurries up to the car. A young Hispanic man got out. Thankfully neither of us were hurt, but understandably the man was visibly upset. I asked if he was ok. He looked puzzled for a minute then nodded yes. I suggested we should exchange insurance information and he just looked at me, spread his hands apart and shook his head no. It took me a minute to realize what the problem was, the guy didn’t speak English.

He tried to make me understand something, but I was clueless as I didn’t speak Spanish. I just kept pointing to my drivers license and insurance card. He kept shaking his head no. Then a man showed up to help. Fortunately for us, he spoke Spanish. They talked for a minute and he told me the young Hispanic man didn’t have a drivers license. No wonder he was so upset.

The gentleman was very kind and comforting. He helped the younger man know what information we needed to exchange, and as I was writing my insurance policy number on my half of an old envelope, I turned to thank him, but he was nowhere to be found.

The young man was just as startled as I was. Neither of us had seen him pull away. And the fact was, neither of us had seen him pull up. And as we stood there it dawned on me we’d not seen any cars pass us in the few minutes we’d been dealing with things.

51eCdCSID2L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_The snow shower had come and gone and the road was drying out. Thankfully both cars were driveable. With nothing else to do, the young man climbed into his car and pulled carefully out on the lane just as a couple cars sped by. As for me I just stood there for a few minutes struggling with what had happened.

I’ve always been a SKEPTICAL person when it comes to taking some things on faith, but as I stood there pondering how surreal the last ten minutes had seemed, I realized there was one thing I’d never be SKEPTICAL about again — the existence of angels. Since that day I have believed they are here, and no one will ever convince me otherwise.



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