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Is there something you regret not having done in your life? If you had the chance, would you do anything different?  Set your timer for 15 minutes and write about it.




I wish there had been time
for trips to the beach,
time to walk barefoot
through hot, wet sand
and feel the waves
suck at my toes as they
teasingly kissed my ankles
then turned and ran away.
Time for finding sea shells,
sand dollars, and
broken bits of glass
through which to watch
the sunset, as one-by-one
it extinguished the bright
sparkles of light that had
danced upon the ocean
in the naked noonday sun.

I wish there had been time
for trips to the U.K.,
time to gaze upon
standing stones and
climb worn castle steps
seeking my own
version of Camelot.
Time to worship
in Abbey ruins, to
smell sweet peat fires
in pubs in Dungarven
and get sick on
Guinness and Harp.
Time to learn
the Highland Fling,
no matter how badly,
and to stand upon
the Cliffs of Moir,
my face to the Emerald Isle
and my back to New York
across the sea.

I wish there had been time
for trips to the Louvre and
the Eiffel Tower, and
drinking wine in the
sidewalk cafes of Paris.
Time for gondola rides
on the canals of Venice,
for staring open-mouthed at
the pyramids of Egypt,
wandering at my leisure
through vineyards in Tuscany,
or the Coliseum in Rome,
and for following
La Via Dolorosa
as it winds its way
through the crowded
streets of Jerusalem…

And time for romantic trysts…

and to sit quietly pondering
in a little room by the sea
and write a book…

But time is fleeting
and precious,
and I have chosen
to invest mine
in what I knew
would reap the
richest rewards…
I invested it in you,
my love,
and the children we
would author together.
And though I have
never regretted
the way in which
I have spent my life,
still, in the reflective
moments of my day,
now and then
I wish there had been time…


Picture Credit: likesuccess.com