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I am XENODOCHIAL. I’m XENODOCHIAL in the grocery store. I’m also  XENODOCHIAL in the post office, restaurants, movie theaters, gas stations, the doctor’s office, Drollery’s office, and especially at church!

Lord Drollery complains all the time that I am far TOO XENODOCHIAL. He almost hates to go anywhere with me because sometimes I’m SO XENODOCHIAL it takes me forever to do my errands and keep my appointments.

You see Drollery, unfortunately, is NOT very XENODOCHIAL. He gets in there and gets the job done, whatever the job is, and doesn’t feel obliged to be  XENODOCHIAL to anyone! In fact, he’s so NON-XENODOCHIAL at times that I’m sure he’d do quite well on an island by himself!

Oh? You don’t know what that word means? Let me enlighten you!

XENODOCHIAL is an adjective describing something – such as a person, place or software application — that is friendly to strangers. “Xenos” is a Greek word for “strangers;” according to the Oxford English Dictionary, xenodochial means ‘hospitable.’

Now while that is definitely my personality, I must admit it kind of freaks me out being lumped in with software applications!!! I have YET to meet a XENODOCHIAL computer program!

So now that you know what XENODOCHIAL means, the next time you fill out a job application, be sure to mention on the form somewhere that you’re VERY XENODOCHIAL. Especially if you’re looking to get a job in retail. XENODOCHIAL people are VERY successful in those positions. Also, your prospective employers will be blown away by your highfalutin vocabulary!




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