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I’ve been a seeker all my life, a legacy from my dad. From the time I was young following my dad into the library and coming out with a stack of books as tall as me, to when I became a pilgrim and began to seek my faith center. Eventually I came to realize that a lot of the answers to life’s queries were lying buried within myself. That’s when I became a spelunker, not a popular past time in my mother and sister’s eyes. For 40 years my sister has been telling me I’m far too “deep” a thinker, that life is more simple than that. Well, it may be for her, but she isn’t a seeker.

Devils_Tower_CROPThe main reason I started this blog was to record the discoveries I unearthed in the cave that’s buried inside me. I wondered if there were any other seeker-pilgrims out there who might understand why I’m driven to dig in the cave of my soul. I’ve been startled to find out just how many of you there are! In fact, I keep waiting for some kind of mashed potato experience where we all build mountains out of our dinners and have the urge to meet up at Devil’s Tower in Wyoming, the site of the alien landing field in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 😀

(Btw… The look on Teri Garr’s face in this clip is exactly how my sister tends to look at me when I try to talk to her about things like “hiraeth”.)

It’s been a great pleasure AND comfort to meet you all and know I’m not alone in this universe. But there is one person above all who has inspired me to continue to dig and look deeper in my life to find the answers to the WHY that I’m looking for. He’s done so in his own life and documented his journey to his soul in so many beautiful poems.

I can’t articulate how much I admire this man, his fearlessness in the face of needing to understand himself and what motivates him. Most importantly I can’t tell you how much I admire his creativity. If he’s not creating poems from what he discerns in his soul, he’s creating them in other people’s lives by helping them create their own, or building them with his hands in the guise of a beautiful deck on his house, or in coaxing forth poetry from the bit of earth that’s his garden. It’s that creativity, that spark of wanting to discover something new about himself that I covet the most.

platosgroove_1440451387_82BWMany of you already know him. He’s a seeker-pilgrim, too. He’s Plato of Plato’s Groove. And if any of you need encouragement on your journeys, to be pointed in a direction that will help to bear fruit, I strongly recommend visiting his web site. He’s full of wisdom and humor and QUESTIONS, of course!

He’s a terrific torch bearer for anyone on a quest. And I thank him ever so much for being a sounding board, an encourager, and a light as I continue to seek answers to the myriad questions that puzzle my soul. Thanks, your dudeship!



imagejpeg_2Blogging the Real Poetry

Seeds sown in the lives of others
Given, no strings
My soul’s response to their own
Honoring the beauty
Just because
A “yes” or a new thought resonates
New harmonies, vibrations across space and time
Calling me into Life
Varied, unique persons and experience
Speak one message from the Creator
I am, we are, and it is good
Being seen, heard, attended to
Calls timid, hidden self out of the shadows
Seeds sown in the lives of others
Grow also in me

Thank you! Be Groovy!

(from Plato’s Groove)



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Plato color — Plato!