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I was rifling through a pile of papers in my desk drawer today and found something I had written six years ago, not long after my son and his wife had moved in with us. The marriage was a disaster from the get go, and having them live here with us, being privy to all the arguing that was going on, was difficult. What was even more difficult for me and Drollery was keeping our mouths shut and staying out of their business.

One day I’d just had enough, so I shut myself up in my room and scribbled this poem about Words. I’d forgotten all about it. Gonna post it just for fun. It was a “colorful” poem. LOL







The Taste of Words

(Or “Sometimes I Get REALLY P*ssed and
I Just Have to Shut Up ‘Cause You Never
Know When You’ll Have to Eat Your Words!”)

They had another battle last night –
our son and daughter-in-law –
down in the bedroom where
we can hear every Word.
They fell out of the kids’ mouths
like a stream of blue, black vomit.

Now this morning Words are
bumping and jostling each other
to spew out of my mouth as well.
Not colorful, kind words like a
handful of rainbow Skittles, but
brown, as if I had picked
out all the dark M&M’s.
Brown is such a dismal, depressed color.
There would be red ones, too, for anger.

But I daresn’t say them for fear I will
have to eat them again later.
God only knows what
regurgitated chocolate M&M’s
might taste like.

Instead, I quickly gather them up
as they spring forth in my mind
and shove them back into the candy bag
where no one can see what I’m thinking.
Some people refer to that as
“eating your emotions.”
I’ve eaten a LOT of Words
over the holidays this year.
Gained 5 lbs.

I ate a lot of brown ones when
my son dropped a glass that didn’t
break, and my daughter-in-law
proceeded to tell him what a clumsy
oaf he was.

Then yesterday I picked out all the
red ones when he dropped another
glass and broke it this time, and
you’d have thought it was the
end of the freakin’ world.

If they can’t maneuver their way
through a broken, cheap glass
from McDonalds, how the hell
are they going to pick their way
through the hills and valleys of
a marriage?

So today I shoved all the M&M’s
back in the bag and went, instead,
for a Raspberry Mocha Frappacino Grande
at Starbuck’s.

The problem is, it was brown, too,
and I came away feeling even more
gloomy for I probably added
another pound to the problem.








Picture Credits:
M & M’s — theyesgirls.com
Skittles — www.emaze.com
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