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The lovely and intuitive Raili over at soulgifts – Telling Tales has created a new event for Sundays in May called The Circle of Friends. Raili says:

“You are invited to join me in celebrating friends and friendships in all their glorious colours, tones, shades, nuances.  Since I started blogging back in August 2016, I have discovered a whole other dimension to friendships on  the blogosphere. It was such an unexpected and very pleasant surprise.  My personal Circle of Friends has grown to include people from all walks of life. From all over the world.

“Here’s how it will work. Every Sunday of May I will publish a CIRCLE of FRIENDS topic for the week. You are invited to interpret it in any way you like. It could be a story, a poem, a photograph, a quote, a recipe or something else that is entirely ‘different and you’ … there is no limit to how friendships are made, nurtured and rekindled. It might be about a random stranger who became a friend for just a  moment.  Or someone who has weathered all storms with you.  It might be about  non-human friendships. Post your contribution to your own blog with a link to the Circle of Friends.  Every Saturday I will magically pull it all together into a post so everyone can enjoy what has been shared.”


WEEK ONE TOPIC : a friendship mud map


Raili’s first challenge was to create what she called a Mud Map of friends in your life. Lori Carlson over at AS THE FATES WOULD HAVE IT did a bang up job of putting her’s together. If you’re looking for a great example, please check her blog out!

As for me, after 89 days of straight challenge posts, I’m finding it hard to drum up any such beautiful creativity. So Raili, you’re gonna get the pure, adulterated version! 🙂

A Mud Map is about the links and networking of friends and support in your life. This is an exercise Raili had to do when they adopted their sons. I found it interesting thinking about it last night. But no fancy illustrations for me! Here’s how my friends “stack” up.

  1. Most intimate = The people who know me best of anyone in the world and have to love me anyway!
  2. Intimate = The friends who know me pretty intimately, are supportive, and we have each others’ backs.
  3. Close = Friends with whom I feel I can be open, but I don’t have enough contact to really deepen the relationship.
  4. Acquaintances = Folks on the fringe who people my world on an on-going basis but with whom are in and out on a regular basis.
  5. Others/Strangers (Friends I haven’t met yet.) = The rest of the my world.



Most Intimate
Drollery * Kim C.

Cindy P. (my sis) * Amy M. * Mark M. * Linda H. *
Michelle Y. * Colleen K. * Claire H. * Fimnora W. * Sharon P.

Serge T. * Jane B. * Linda F. * Donna C. * Junie T. * Plato

Online Friends / E-Pals * Church Family * Extended Family
I have some really special online friends I just adore. 
Shannon * Lori C. * Opher * Badfish * Anna *
Bridget * Tony * Raili * Catherine * Christina *
Lori S. * Ruth * Laurie * Judy * Michelle

The Rest of the World!

I did find it interesting that I wasn’t quite sure which tier to include my kids on. Those relationships are so fluid they’re changing constantly! But over all I’d say I am pretty truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life!

So there you have it, Raili! Well, as close as my weary mind can get!!! This was an interesting exercise. We didn’t have to do this when we went through our adoption home study, but I can sure see how a caseworker would have found it helpful. Enjoyed it very much!


Picture Credits:
Friends Triangle — madbruin.wordpress.com
Friends logo — commons.wikimedia.org